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Shell Tile|Shell Mosaic Tiles|Mother of pearl Tile

Shell Tile Shell Mosaic Tiles Mother of pearl Tile Shell Paper


   Shell mosaics (or shell tiles) are one of the latest mosaic types and it's becoming popular very soon.These mosaics are made of natural shells,both from river and sea.By keeping its natural veining and texture,our designers developed a complete series natural shell mosaics(including shell mosaic tiles,shell mosaic, laminated shell tiles,shell decorative bricks).The shell pieces are grinded by our special machines and then stick to ceramic tiles.It's very fashionable and luxurious to be used for hotel walls,night clubs,bars,or private house like kitchen wall,bathroom wall,skirting,column surround,TV background wall,etc.Material used: Freshwater Shell and Seashell Mother of Pearl

Backing: Mesh

Shell chip size: Freshwater Shell: 10x10mm, 10x20mm, 12.5x12.5mm, 12.5x25mm,
15x15mm, 15x25mm15x30mm, 20x20mm and 25x25mm.
Seashell: 10x10mm,15x15mm, 20x20mm, 10x20mm and 12.5x25mm

Tile Size: 300x300x2mm (Only for 25x25mm shell chip size) (305x305x2mm for any
other shell chip size)

Usage: Wall and Floor Tiles, Table Tops, Basins, Baths, Showers, Wet Rooms, Aquariums, Vases, Photo Frames, Decorative Boxes etc.

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